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At BVM, besides ensuring academic proficiency, the school also works towards proper physical, psychological, social and cultural growth of the students. Students imbibe not only the knowledge reflected in their studies, but also a self confidence that is reflected throughout their lives. All this is enabled by highly qualified teachers and backed by an amazing International curriculum.

  • Product Design including 3D software & making own models using 3D printers - 12 weeks for Grade 11
  • Coding & Robotics : Grade 4 to Grade 11
  • Meta Cognitive Reflective Learning Lab(MCRL) : Data analytics using Tabs & sensors - Israeli technology - 15 weeks for Grade 6 & 7
  • Theory of knowledge (TOK) - An International Baccalaureate Curriculum - taught for Grade 11
  • WiFi enabled learning via laptops and smart board.
  • Well- equipped laboratories.
  • Hi-tech Auditorium
  • Modern Library.


  • Nov
  • 18

“The Consensus Building Discussions with schools for the academic year 2018-19 on Project CACA (Children Against Child Abuse) was held at BHAVAN'S RAJAJI VIDYASHRAM, CHENNAI on 18th November’ 17 . The key topics discussed were ‘Understanding POCSO Act, especially in context of teachers’ and ‘Ignorance of the law is no fault of the law’. The resource person Mr. Puran Chand explained the POSCO ACT in detail and also gave insights on hoe to maintain the safety of a child in school. The session was very relevant especially in light of the present happenings across the country.

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  • Nov
  • 25

The long awaited Project Day was celebrated by the students of BVM GLOBAL @ PERUNGUDI on 25th November, 2017 with pomp and grace. The chief guest for the day was Mr.Nagendran, Director, Geological Survey of India and the guest of honour was Mrs.Shanthi, Education Coordinator from United States India Foundation. The Kindergarten students worked on colours, garden, living and non-living things which gave the feeling of being in a stimulating and radiant world. The students were motivated to work on the theme ‘Earth.’ They dealt with various aspects of the earth like The Solar System and their celestial bodies, the unique features found on earth, its landforms, flora and fauna, and the earth’s crust. The students also researched on the various natural and man-made disasters occurring on the earth, the different ways that can be adopted to mitigate, respond and recover to the same. They went a step ahead in exploring the mysteries of the planet, the evolutional processes and types of pollution and the ways to curb the same. They also worked on projects which depicted the divergent ways in which a sustainable ecosystem consisting of biotic and abiotic components is established. The high school students engaged the visitors with the various resources and models pertaining to fossil parks and the procedures involved in important excavations. The working models of ‘Robotics’ impressed every single person who visited the project. The eye-catching charts, colourful exhibits and good presentation of the students were beneficial in creating awareness among the fraternity of parents and students. The Projects not only helped the students to strengthen their competency level but also honed their skills of critical thinking and analysis.

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