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At BVM, besides ensuring academic proficiency, the school also works towards proper physical, psychological, social and cultural growth of the students. Students imbibe not only the knowledge reflected in their studies, but also a self confidence that is reflected throughout their lives. All this is enabled by highly qualified teachers and backed by an amazing International curriculum.

  • Product Design including 3D software & making own models using 3D printers - 12 weeks for Grade 11
  • Coding & Robotics : Grade 4 to Grade 11
  • Meta Cognitive Reflective Learning Lab(MCRL) : Data analytics using Tabs & sensors - Israeli technology - 15 weeks for Grade 6 & 7
  • Theory of knowledge (TOK) - An International Baccalaureate Curriculum - taught for Grade 11
  • WiFi enabled learning via laptops and smart board.
  • Well- equipped laboratories.
  • Hi-tech Auditorium
  • Modern Library.


  • Sep
  • 28

‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do’. The third session of Career Connect Initiative with the resource person Mr.Rohan Garg, Entrepreneur, founder, ICE Gate Institute India for the students of BVM Global @ Perungudi Senior Secondary School was held on September 26th 2020 and Mr.Garg stated that in spite of the plethora of careers available today, we still have a one-track mind about becoming doctors, engineers or lawyers. Mr.Garg pointed out that there are a sea of opportunities to plunge into and make the best out of them. He stressed on the fact that students should not be stuck with stereotypes but to do a lot of research before making decisions. He highlighted a few offbeat career choices like being a mystery shopper or a digital marketer. He strongly insisted that students should enjoy their career and make sure it does not become a stressful experience. It was a fast-paced, lively, interactive session which broadened the horizon of students which will definitely motivate them to explore and venture into newer and brighter options in their lives.

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  • Sep
  • 27
KG Event-2020

The term ‘21st century skills’ refers to a broad set of knowledge, skills, work habits, and character traits that are believed to be critically important to succeed in today’s world. BVM Global @ Perungudi believes in fostering the kids with these skills so that they are competent to face the world. The teaching methodologies are designed in a way to instill critical thinking, creativity, reasoning, analysis, interpretation and synthesizing information. KG event was organised on 26 th September to display the classroom approaches at BVM Global@Perungudi. The teachers took an active role in engaging the students in the virtual setup. The children were encouraged to make toy houses using the available materials like paper, cardboard, etc. to teach the concept of ‘animals and their homes’. The students took part enthusiastically in making the house and answering the questions. Overall it was an informative session for the parents to understand the school’s approach towards providing their children with the necessary skills.

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