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Parent of SAI PRANEETHA (3A)

We would like to thank the teachers whole heartdly for arranging the virtual Vinayaga Chaturthi festival. It was indeed well organised and our special thanks to Ms.Susithra who has taken the lead. Please do pass our thanks to her and other teachers. Right from the prayer to vote of thanks the program was well organised.


Today's session was very good man. Varunitha enjoyed thw Q&A session. Nowadays, she is very eager to attend the class. Thanks to both of you for the effort Mam.  

Subramanian, Parent of Aarav ( UKG)

Aarav really enjoyed the rhymes session and revision. Hats off to you teachers.


I would like to appreciate the sincere efforts put in by all the teachers and other support staffs to make online teaching look so effortless and effective at the same time. We are witnessing that school has made inversments in the digital space and has taken all possible steps to guide our kids well. So, a big thank you to each and every member of the school.

Parent of Harish (UKG)

Harish liked the Yoga video very much and without explaining he started to do and today also he repeated it. It was really different for them. Thanks for the video.

Parent of AMIRTHA (PRE KG)

Awesome curriculam planned for the year . We would be there to support you in all possible ways we can.

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