BVM Global, The Best CBSE Curriculum High school

At BVM Global, our high school curriculum is aligned to meet CBSE, NEP 2020 and global standards enabling students to join the World’s most prestigious Universities.

We have created an environment in BVM that fosters the development of our student learners who can grow intellectually, socially, and ethically, and is therefore able to pursue successful and fulfilling careers.

Our expert faculty regularly undergo professional development, use innovative teaching methods for measurable learning outcomes impacting students holistically and with meaningful experiences.

  • Well rounded and holistic development
  • Academic excellence with a demanding, rigorous & empowering curriculum.
  • Benchmark against global education standards, a competitive advantage
  • Skill & leadership development, a winning edge.
  • Experiential learning to develop confident students.
  • Equipping BVM students to excel in College and compete globally.
  • A bright start for your child’s future!

Educational Framework | Group Details

BVM Global offers a variety of streams and combinations to choose from. Students and Parents can choose from the options keeping in mind future career options.

Group 1

English, Math/Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology + Food and Nutrition

Group 2

India’s first AI Curriculum

English, Math, Physics, Chemistry & Computer Science + Artificial IntelligenceNEW

Group 3

English, Accountancy, BS, Economics,Math/Applied Math/ Entrepreneurship /Information Practices + Marketing

Group 4

English, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Entrepreneurship/ Math/ Applied Math/IP + Marketing

What is Computer Science + Artificial Intelligence ( CS + AI ) ?

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Extracurricular Activities | Life beyond the classroom

We offer our students a wide choice of extracurricular activities! BVM students are encouraged to participate in these activities as it is a great way to widen the social circle, expand their interests, and build leadership skills leading to positive long-term outcomes. Extracurricular activities help students prepare for college and beyond.

  • Kalalaya
  • Mock UN (MUN)
  • Shark Tank
  • Athletics
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Rakshabandan celebrations with Defence
  • Celeberations of all festivals
  • Music
  • Theater & Drama experience
  • Cultural Fest
  • Annual Day across the school
  • Project day across the school

Club Activities

We offer our students a wide choice of co-curricular activities with a choice to participate in various club activities.

  • Math Club

  • Science Club

  • Eco Club

  • Fine Arts Club

  • Literary Club

  • Reading Club

  • Horizons Club

  • Karuna Club

  • Wordsworth Club

  • Commerce Club

  • Tamil, Hindi & Sanskrit Club

  • Heritage Club

  • Rotaract & Interact Club

  • Cooking Club

Educational & Career Counselling

Today’s world requires our youth to be flexible and adaptable.

We at BVM understand this process and have both in-house specialists and partners who believe in our shared vision of nurturing global leaders.

We enable our students to be flexible, to be adaptable and reslilent go-getters.

Our succesful and varied alumni networks are a testament to our experienced faculty who work in a coordinated manner to ensure successful educational and career development goals of every student.

The power of 6

Our expert faculty across our BVM Global Group of schools enable outstanding PAN BVM experiences viz Inter BVM Sports competition, BVM Music carnival, BVMG MUN, Inter BVM Shark tank and inter BVM Student exchange program.

The power of the group comes into play when we prepare our students for appearing for board exams.

Right from introducing our students to a standardised question paper across the branch schools to cross-correcting to replicating board correction patterns, the student is given the actual feeling of writing a CBSE board exam.

BVM Forum

The Forum is a student-centred virtual platform and supportive tool, created to enhance interactive learning beyond the school.

Studying for board exams or for competitive exams like IIT JEE or NEET etc can be anxious and stressful. As part of the learning process, students of grade 9 to 12 need somewhere to turn to for insight and perspective to find solutions to a problem or clear doubts, which only trusted peers, seniors, teachers, alumni or parents within the wide BVM network can provide.

The exclusive premium forum is designed to be a perfect blend of a chat room and a forum messaging board. If a student has a question, this can be posted on a community discussion board.

By creating informal conversation spaces, the network facilitates meaningful conversations, allows for quick communication, interaction and exchange of information and is open 24x7x365.

This means that students, teachers, alumni and parents are talking to one another, solving problems, and helping students, shaping their future - this is huge!

The powerful network of peers, seniors, teachers, alumni & parents have one common goal which is working together to improve student achievement and foster student success.

Student Forum is the go-to-place to outsmart the competition and to get online real time expert advice from this amazing network anytime, anywhere.

The BVM Forum experience ensures that learning does not end, when the class does.

Board Exams | Grade 12

Students start to gear up in preparation for the CBSE Board Exams right from Grade 11.

Years of preparation help students to easily perform excellently as can be seen from past results.

Our expert faculty use the BVM Digital learning platforms and course materials to deliver the correct balance of the rigors of the education for the CBSE board exams.

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