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Alumni Meet 2023-24


 The Alumni Meet was held on 09/03/2024.The day commenced with a warm welcome as the alumni registeredthemselves at the welcome desk. They were greeted by their old friends and the teachers of our school.

Laughter echoed through the halls as stories from yesteryears were exchanged.


The event Walk Down Memory Lane by Teachers was extremely touching as teachers recalled their nostalgic journey with the alumni who were gathered. They were also proud to see most of their students to have settled down with good careers and courses.


The Icebreaker activity broke the ice literally and the alumni became children again and took part in the bingo and Treasure Hunt activities with gusto, navigating through familiar corridors and hidden corners.


 The Alumni shared inspiring stories and their memories with the teachers at our school. They iterated that they were proud to be a part of BVM Perungudi which has shaped their lives.


Vice Principal Ms. Sumathi Rathnam Srinivasan graced the occasion and in her address, acknowledged the contribution of alumni to the institution's legacy. She also thanked the alumni who had travelled from far, some even travelling form other cities to take part in the event. She emphasized on the importance of staying connected and giving back to the school in small possible ways. She also asked the alumni to guide their juniors and initiate the networking group of BVM. The attendees were inspired by the heartwarming speech and they ensure their commitment to their alma mater. As a gesture of love, saplings were distributed to alumni.

Over all it was a heart warming event.






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