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Alumni Meet 2021-22 Feb 26 2022
World Language Day 2021-22 Feb 21 2022
TOK 2021-22 Feb 12 2022
Republic Day Celebration 2021-22 Jan 26 2022
Pongal Celebration 2021-22 Jan 12 2022





Republic day was celebrated in our campus with patriotic fervour. The band welcomed the guest of honour of the day- “Miss. SaiAasheerwa of Std. 9 B” by playing the VIP call. The (Tricolour) National Flag was hoisted by the guest of honour. The flag was also pinned up proudly by every student. The students sang the National Anthem, the State song and a Hindi patriotic song with full vigour. A welcome speech was followed by a speech in English . A P.P.T. was also shown highlighting the role of the leaders who were responsible for framing the Constitution. A Patriotic song in Hindi was sung creating an atmosphere of national pride. This was followed by speeches in Hindi and Tamil. The Principal presented the Project day prizes to our talented students and also presented a memento to the guest of honour finally she addressed the students on their role and responsibilities and to safeguard the laws enforced and enshrined in our Constitution. The children dispersed after receiving chocolates.

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