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Science fiction has always been seen as a topic fit for people who have an inclination towards the field of Science; but a recent Career Connect Meet with Dr.Sukanya Datta, reputed Sci-Fi Author on 29.08.20 changed it all for students of BVM Global @ Perungudi. 

Dr.Datta is a scientist working at CSIR. Her intelligent words opened up a wide range of facts and opportunities for students to diversify their career opportunities. Dr. Datta spoke about research at CSIR and that they provided two scholarships: one in research for PhD and one called Jigyasa.

Dr.Datta shared her experiences as an author and encouraged the students to go for their dreams. She also pointed out that in order to achieve your dreams one must make sure to turn it into their passion and not just see it as a goal in life. 

Students interacted with Dr.Datta, discussing their views, thoughts and also their doubts on pursuing Science Fiction as a career. They were deeply inspired and captivated by the author’s achievements. It was a thoroughly interactive session with the students asking questions non-stop! A session that went beyond expectations but proved worthy of every extra minute!

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