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Grandparents Day-2020

Grandparents Day

Grandparents are a special part of the support system in every family. BVM Global @ Perungudi celebrates Grandparents Day every year to cherish them. This year, BVM Global @Perungudi did not confine itself to lauding the grandparents on one particular day. It was an entire month of celebration. Everyday a wisdom tale from one of our grandparents was posted on the school’s social media platform. The virtual celebration of Grandparents day was on 15th September 2020. There were scintillating performances by our little ones as a dedication to their grandparents. The grandparents of two of our students did live cooking of their traditional dishes with their grandchildren. Furthermore, a few of them volunteered to perform and made the event delightful by sharing their stories and singing songs.  The event came to a close with yet another surprise for the grandparents in the form of a ‘Thank You’ card that was waiting in the chat boxes! 

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