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‘The point of serving your country is not to do your own thing or to go rogue, but to work as a part of the process.

BVM Global @ Perungudi’s Career Connect initiative on October 7th, 2020 an insight into the career options in the Indian Armed forces facilitated by Squadron Leader Umang Nautiyal.

Mr.Nautiyal spoke to the students on his experiences and his journey from enrolling into the forces to the position that he is in today. The Air Force regime had sculpted him into an inspirational model for the youth of today to pursue a career in the IAF. This was helpful for students to understand and relate to the process.

He briefed the students about the different methods and mediums to enroll in the Indian Armed division as well as the different branches which they could opt for. He also gave his inputs on the benefits and perks of taking up a career in the Indian Armed forces. He asserted that a career in the armed forces is not just a job, but a lifestyle to embrace.

The interaction between the students of BVM Global @ Perungudi Senior Secondary School and Mr.Nautiyal led to a series of queries answered and explained. The session was motivational and inspirational to look into the Armed Forces as a career in the future.

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