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The fifth session of the Career Connect Initiative with Mr.Srinivas Jayaprakash was held on 21.11.20 for the Higher Secondary students of BVMGlobal@Perungudi. Mr.Srinivas graduated in the year 2017 from Saveetha School of Law, Chennai. Mr.Srinivas is an avid mooter and a voracious reader. He was engaged as a Legal researcher for a period of one year at Madras High court. At present he is practicing individually. Mr. Srinivas kept the session interactive throughout and answered all the questions asked by students enthusiastically. It was a well-rounded session as Mr. Srinivas took the children through the entire process of taking up law as a profession. He told the students about the different options available in Law education, the different colleges offering law education, about National Law Colleges and also the private colleges and Universities offering the same. He also explained about the CLAT exam. He also told the students about the various career options available. The session was highly interactive and interspersed with little tit-bits of information like the Tenth Man Principle.

Overall it was an extremely informative and lively session. The students left richer with a treasure trove of knowledge.


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