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Aksharabhyasam 2022-23

On 3rd June 2022, the senior campus organized Aksharabhyasam, a significant event for toddlers. The ceremony commenced with the School Prayer and a warm welcome address, followed by an explanation of the purpose and importance of the Aksharabhyasam to both the parents and students. A Pooja was performed to imbibe spiritual and mental strength, promoting positivity all around.


With their parents' guidance, the children participated in the Aksharabhyasam ceremony, seated on their laps. They wrote the sacred "Om" mantra and few auspicious mantras on a rice plate using a turmeric stick, marking the beginning of their educational journey. The teachers and parents blessed the children, and the sweet distribution marked the completion of the ceremony.


Overall, the event was a remarkable success, and the children started their academic journey with divine blessings and enthusiasm.

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