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Project Day 2022-23

The Project Day, held on 17th December 2022, proved to be an engaging and interactive event for the students, offering quick learning opportunities and a platform to disseminate knowledge. The chosen theme for the academic year 2022-23 was "Nari Sakthi," focusing on the empowerment of women.

Project work plays a vital role in enhancing students' critical thinking and analytical skills, and both teachers and students collaborated closely to ensure the success of this memorable event.

As visitors entered the room, they were greeted by a beautifully decorated entrance, setting the stage for what lay ahead. The walls and centerpieces were adorned with artistic representations that showcased the salient features of the theme. Illustrations of influential women from the past and present exemplified the status of women and their empowerment in society. Each model and chart was accompanied by detailed explanations provided by our talented students. Furthermore, the charts were thoughtfully written in multiple languages, highlighting the significance and inclusiveness  of different linguistic communities. The efforts of the students garnered much appreciation, as visitors were able to visualize and relate to the depictions presented.

The event also featured a photo booth, where each display competed for praise and admiration, further enhancing the overall experience for visitors. The attention to detail and the students' dedication to their projects were evident in every aspect of the exhibition.

The Project Day not only provided a platform for students to showcase their creativity and knowledge but also allowed visitors to appreciate and understand the significance of "Nari Sakthi." It was a celebration of women's achievements and an opportunity to raise awareness about gender equality and empowerment.

Overall, the Project Day was a resounding success, highlighting the collective efforts of teachers and students. It served as a testament to the capabilities and potential of our students while promoting a deeper understanding of the chosen theme.

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