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AI career counseling program 2022-23

The AI career counseling program held on January 10th, 2023, in our school was a valuable and enlightening experience for the students. The increasing popularity of artificial intelligence systems in recent times has made such programs highly relevant and beneficial.

The expertise provided during the program effectively conveyed the importance and potential of AI in various fields. Explaining numerous AI applications and highlighting the scope of AI helped students gain a better understanding of the subject. This knowledge was valuable in guiding them to choose the appropriate educational domain to shape their future careers.

By engraving the content in the hearts of the children, the program ensured that the information and insights shared would stay with them for a long time, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their vocational paths.

The thought-provoking conclusion of the program, encouraging students to venture into lucrative opportunities in the AI industry, is likely to have inspired ambition and motivation among the attendees. Such counseling sessions can play a crucial role in guiding students toward potential career paths and enabling them to make informed choices.

Our school has always pioneered initiatives such as organizing programs that provide students with exposure to emerging technologies and career opportunities.



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